Links About the Pentagon Tragedy

The following is a current list of links related to the September 11th attack on the Pentagon. They are organized by topic:

Official Government, Fire Department, Rescue Worker Sites

Official DoD Pentagon Website

The Pentagon: Facts and Figures

DoD Pentagon Attack Photos (I)

DoD Pentagon Attack Photos (II)

Pentagon Renovation Program

Phoenix Project Slides

FEMA Pentagon Photo Collection

American Red Cross Pentagon Photo Page

Unoffical DC Fire & EMS Dept. Pentagon Page

Sgt. Carmen L. Burgess Photos

Bob Pugh Pentagon Photos

News Media Sites

Washington Post Pentagon Attack Photo Page

Washington Post Pentagon Attack Slideshow

Pentagon - Navy Command Center (Washington Post Graphic)

The Pentagon Attack (Columbus Dispatch Graphic and Factsheet)

Washington Post Video of Pentagon Burning (John Poole-Craig Cola-Travis Fox; Real video clip)

CNN/WUSA Video of Pentagon Burning (Quicktime & Real video clip)

Images Show September 11 Pentagon crash - March 8, 2002 (CNN)

Pentagon Attack (CNN Graphic)

List of Casualties at the Pentagon (CNN)

Bombing at the Pentagon (USAToday Graphic)

In Pictures: Attack on the Pentagon (BBC News Graphic and Photos)

America Under Attack: Fire-sided Nightmare (USNews)

Understanding the Conflict: Graphics and Video (Seattle Times)

Pentagon Shifts Into Higher Gear (Design-Build Magazine)

Eyewitness and Personal Accounts of the Tragedy

They saw the aircraft (Ron Harvey)

Flight 77 Crash at the Pentagon - Eyewitness Accounts (

Steve Riskus I

Steve Riskus II (via

The September 11th Attack on the Pentagon (Brian Roberts)

The people, Their stories (Kim Dailey, Cmdr. Don Braswell, Chip Smith)

Journalist Witnesses Pentagon Crash (Joel Sucherman),3658,s%253D704%2526a%253D15161,00.asp

Eyewitness Account of Pentagon Attack (Terri Morin)

A Military Chaplain's Account of the Attack on the Pentagon (Vern Schueller)

Master Sgt. Noel Sepulveda's Account of the Attack

Pentagon Eyewitnesses (Colin Lovett)

NECA Members and Electricians Narrowly Escape Death (Jack Singleton, Michey Bell)

E-Mail from Listeners and Readers (John Monaccio)

Pentagon Crash Eyewitness Comforted Victims (Father Stephen McGraw)

Commander Saw Pentagon Crash (Col. Bruce Elliott)

Pentagon Attack Hits Navy Hard (Thomas Trapasso, Vice Adm. Darb Ryan)

VDOT Smart Traffic Center Staff Saw the Airplane (Madelyn Zakhem, Jimmy Chu)

The 'Other' Tragedy: Here's Their Story (Isaac Hoopii, K9 Unit)

Shattering stereotypes, saving lives (Michael Anthony Konoza)

Personal Account of Tom Hovis

Nancy's Personal Account (Bartcop Entertainment)

Ryun Views Pentagon Crash Site - Sept. 13, 2001 (Jim Ryun, R-KS)

Websites Questioning the Official Account

Hunt the Boeing: And test your perceptions!

Pentagate (Thierry Meyssan)

911 Information: Attack on the Pentagon

Independent Flight 77 - Pentagon Event Investigation

American Airlines Flight 77

Pentagon plane crash is a scam, Flight 77 never hit it (Eric Hufschmid)

Did Flight 77 Really Crash Into the Pentagon?

A private investigation into the attack on the Pentagon (David Bosankoe)

Flight 77 3d sim test

The Smirking Chimp

The Flight of the Bumble Planes (Snake Plissken)

Did NORAD Send the 'Suicide' Jets? (Carol Valentine)

Other Websites on the Pentagon Tragedy

Transcript of American Airlines Flight 77 (Paul Boutin)$80

Paul Boutin: "Hunt the Boeing" Answers

Pentagon Plane Crash Photos

Dan Bielefeld's Pentagon Photos

French Claim About Pentagon Jet is a Sick Joke (Joe Vialls)

The Pentagon Was Not Struck by a Hijacked Jet on September 11 - Fiction!

Rumors of War (Hunt the Boeing!)

CSICOP Terrorist Attack Hoax Watch

The Commentary - Pentagon Crash Allegations

Last Updated: June 11, 2002